Chart Synthesis & Interpretation

There is no magical formula for interpreting a chart. Every means you have to learn more about astrology will help you become more skillful. An important idea is that anything significant in a person’s life is likely to show up in the chart in a number of ways. For example, the action planet Mars in fiery Aries will show spontaneity in a personality. If the person also has the Moon in the Fire sign Sagittarius, this would be another indicator of a spontaneous personality. Repeating patterns like these enable us to come to some conclusions about the meaning of the chart in question. Astrological interpretation will vary from astrologer to astrologer. Each person has his or her own values and ideas about life which will enter into any astrological work. Working successfully with astrology requires as much self-awareness as you can muster. The further you are along in your own path of self-discovery and awakening, the more skillful you will be in helping others with astrology. Astrology does not have an intrinsic ethic, that’s something the astrologer brings to the interpretation. As you grow as a person, your capacity to understand and use astrology will also grow.


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