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Since it’s beginning in the 1970s, Matrix has been a key resource for astrologers of every interest and level of knowledge and skill. In addition to the software tools they have provided, Matrix has created valuable databases — articles by leading astrologers, interviews, and other information — that have helped experienced astrologers expand their knowledge and skills and provided a path to greater knowledge and understanding of astrology for amateurs and student astrologers. The web has made it possible for more people to more easily access and even share this information, just as we have here, and it’s all free.

Visual AstrologyStart clicking here at Astromatrix and enjoy your travels through some of this wealth of knowledge and information. Don’t worry about getting lost inside – you never know what you might discover. Keep visiting because we will continue to add more information and services.

If you have information or data you would like to add to our website or if you are interested in submitting articles for consideration, please e-mail us with submission ideas.


A horoscope calculated for January 1, 2000 at ...
A horoscope calculated for January 1, 2000 at 12:01:00 A.M. Eastern Standard Time in New York City, New York, USA (Longitude: 074W00’23” – Latitude: 40N42’51”). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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